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Education: It’s all about indoctrination now.

Posted by Alexander
Thursday, September 2, 2010
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It’s pretty hard to keep up with the information overload these days, but every once in a while, there are a few gems:

Students are returning to school this week. But they’re not heading back to class — they’re walking straight into a war zone. Our kids have become cannon fodder for two rival ideologies battling to control America’s future.

In one camp are conservative Christians and their champion, the Texas State Board of Education; in the other are politically radical multiculturalists and their de facto champion, President Barack Obama.

The two competing visions couldn’t be more different. And the stakes couldn’t be higher. Unfortunately, whichever side wins — your kid ends up losing.

I guess in some attempt to play “fair,” the author (“Zombie”) relies on a shoddy portrayal of the recent TX Board of Education textbook battles. As it turns out, the author backpedals a bit in the comments, and implores readers to…

“Wait until you read the whole series… I say in no uncertain terms (in later installments of the essay, as you will see) that the progressives have a chokehold on education and that Texas is just trying to fight back…”

That aside, don’t let this snag stop you from reading the rest of his piece, which does an excellent job showing how liberalism evolved into an inflexibly doctrinaire Leftist culture.

See if you can identify any of these influences at Baylor:

Team Left

On the left we have radical academia, the neo-Marxist educational theorists, and the teachers’ unions: their progressive blueprint, which they’ve been incrementally yet successfully implementing for over three decades by now, is to inculcate in students a “social justice” mental framework focusing on multiculturalism, an absence of competition, and a general loathing for America and distrust of traditional American values.

In the past, when old-fashioned schooling still held sway, these [liberal] activists denounced nationwide educational standards which prevented teachers from presenting “alternative” facts and viewpoints.

But now that the once-alternative progressive framework has become ascendent and dominates the education landscape, the left (or at least the Obama wing of the left) has flipped policies, and these days they insist on imposing nationwide educational standards to prevent any local schoolboards or states from sneaking off the political plantation and exposing students to conservative values.

[emphases mine]

Moral relativism was just a means to unhinge the American imagination from its roots, my friends, and “progressives” would sooner like to see that bridge destroyed, lest conservatives appeal to the same “who are you to judge” arguments and regain a foothold.

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